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Detective Kate Beckett and crime author Richard Castle were inseparable for eight seasons on ABC’s hit procedural.So it’s fitting that rather than continue on without co-star Stana Katic, the show ended instead, with a flash-forward of Castle and Beckett happily watching their kids play.Fans and critics loved it, but it took a final bow in June after five seasons, with John Reese sacrificing himself to destroy the evil super-computer Samaritan.

Sundance’s patient, lyrical drama about a wrongly convicted death-row inmate getting a second chance at life concluded a stellar four-season run in October.

This police procedural, starring Poppy Montgomery as a detective blessed with a perfect memory, is one tough cookie, surviving two cancellations by CBS and a move to A&E.

But its four-season run finally ended for good in January.

Fans were shocked when, right after Showtime’s horror/drama wrapped up its third season in June, creator John Logan announced that the series would end there as well.

But the spooky cult favorite went out in grand Gothic fashion, with Eva Green’s Vanessa dying in an act of self-sacrifice at the hands of Josh Hartnett’s Ethan.

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