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The site lists senior speed dating events by state – and there’s no shortage of them.

“The Age of Love” follows eight of the 70- to 90-year old speed daters whom Loring contacted as they prepare for their event with all the nervousness of a high schooler on a first date – some of them incredulous that they are participating in such a thing at their stage in life.

For Loring, these eight women and men – most of them widows and widowers – are his guides as he considers the trajectory of love in older age.

The idea for a senior speed dating film came to Loring after two events hit close to home: One was the unexpected death of his father and the intense loss that his 70-year-old mother felt after the loss of her soulmate.

The interviews were carried out in a speed dating style to make it fun and relaxed for people as they were extremely nervous about meeting the staff.

Next up are the external candidates in early February who they will get to interview and feedback on.

Funded by the Government’s Supported Housing Grant, and in partnership with Newport City Council, Tŷ Eirlys represents a significant re-modelling of the traditional style of supported accommodation usually associated with this client group.

Speed dating is a structured event that gathers singles in a central location – the Rochester event was held at a local restaurant – and pairs them with one another in quick, five minute mini-dates, until everyone has had a chance to chat.

Participants keep notes on one another, which they later submit to the organizer.

They’ve all signed up for a senior speed dating event that Loring has picked as the locus for his exploration of love and how it changes – or doesn’t – as we age.

Many interviews and hours of filming later, when “The Age of Love” premiered in April 2014 at the Newport Beach Film Festival in California, one audience member called it “the best reality show I have ever seen.” That might be because the film is an immensely honest look at ordinary people who find themselves unexpectedly looking for love later in life.

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