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Location: Bucovina – Northeastern Romania Nearby large town: Suceava (20 miles southeast) Access: car, bus (from Gura Humorului or Radauti) Nearest train stations: Darmanesti, Radauti Perhaps a tour of Bucovina's Painted Monasteries should begin here.After all, the highlight of the small Arbore , which adorns the western wall.An elegant steeple resting on a star-shaped base tops the church.Massive eaves protect the outside frescoes, painted by local artists in 1602-1604.Location: Bucovina – Northeastern Romania Nearby large town: Suceava (25 miles east) Access: car, bus (from Suceva), train Nearest train stations: Gura Humorului Founded in 1530, Humor and one with a "humorous" depiction of the devil as a woman.

Visitors to the Painted Monasteries will often witness a nun or a monk beating a long beam with a mallet, tapping out a call to prayer.In 1532, the church featured both outside and inside frescoes.In the 19th century, a large part of the mural paintings were replaced.Far from being merely wall decorations, the murals represent complete cycles of religious events.The purpose of the frescoes was to make the story of the Bible and the lives of the most important Orthodox saints known to villagers by the use of images.

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