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Sienna’s nemesis, Kate Moss, is facing her own breakup due to infidelity, but she’s not the one leaving: Moss has thrown the junkie, Pete Doherty, and his junk out of her house, reports The Daily Mirror.

Running into an ex, or a former lover, or someone you made out with one night when you’re with your one true love at a restaurant.

(It's been on again since, and is currently off, though the bookies will give you odds of 12/1 that they will yet marry.) Sex, at any rate, has its uses.

The new film, Factory Girl, has had poor reviews - "brisk and superficial" (LA Times), "moribund " (LA Weekly), "tame" (Variety, which added that Miller was " whiny and narrowly focused").

While it enlisted Annie Leibovitz to photograph (fully clothed) strong women in 2016, last year, it asked Peter Lindbergh to shoot famous actresses with no makeup at all.

The 2018 edition, photographed by Tim Walker, features the first all-black cast since 1987 and was conceptualized with help of British Vogue Editor-in-Chief Edward Enninful.

But for the rest of the papers there was no much doubt about the story of the week.

It was not the alleged threat to kill Muslims in the British Army. Or the attempts by the oil complained to undermine the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The week's great talking point was Sienna Miller's knickers.

The pair soon took off their wintery coverings to showcase their party ensembles, however.

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Diddy‘s relationship with actress Sienna Miller has reached a fever pitch today, as Page Six is now reporting that Sean Combs’ long-time partner and “baby mama,” Kim Porter, has moved out of his apartment.

Whoops, she seems to have forgotten her skirt, mirthed one paper.

The outfit was compared variously to Bridget Jones-style big knickers, the comic costume of the music hall comic Max Wall, and the outfit of the comic strip heroine Wonder Woman - though the truth was that if you are as good-looking as Ms Miller you can get away with wearing anything and still look attractive. Earlier in the week she had been, as they say, "romantically linked" with the rap star P Diddy, or whatever he is currently called, after the pair were snapped by paparazzi entering her hotel at 9am after a night out clubbing.

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