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The timer based automatic syncing enables a workgroup to work almost in real-time with the same synced data like a corporate customers folder or a common calendar.

How to disable/enable Osa Sync from running inside Outlook If you encounter problems running Osa Sync within Outlook you can disable the Osa Sync add-in from loading when Outlook starts.

The default time interval is 10 minutes, the minimum interval is 5 minutes in Peer to Peer mode and 1 minute in Client/Server mode.

To change this interval: If you want to check for changes on other computers immediately and don't want to wait until the time interval has elapsed click the Osa Sync menu option check for changes on other computers.

So what's the difference between the Contacts folder, the Outlook address book, the Windows address book and if you have used Outlook with an Exchange server, the Personal Address book and the Global Address book?

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See also: Contacts folder, Outlook address book, Windows address book; what's the difference?Can I use different Outlook versions on different Windows versions together?I want to sync Outlook 2007 on Vista with Outlook 2013 on Win 8.1?Yes, Osa Sync can sync computers running different Outlook versions on different operating system versions together in one sync group so it doesn't matter which Outlook and Windows versions are used.What does the menu item 'check for changes on other computers' do?

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