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And I don’t want some database algorithm doing it for me either.

Call me an old fashioned romantic, but I still think that music is better with humans making the choices. Matthew Lasar is a co-founder of Radio Survivor and its business manager.

Since we don’t have a send button, we’ll just rely on sending the message when we press enter.

In this case, we only have a “room” channel, and at this moment we’ll allow anyone to join, and we’ll return a tuple to authorize the socket.

Immediately upon signing in the feature offers you a variety of rooms: genre rooms, theme rooms, and popular rooms—the latter defined as rooms with lots of Spotify users in them. This is an interesting and in some ways more positive method of programming a room.

I jumped into a space titled “Indie Wok,” which defines itself as a “mix of all things Indie.” Last three picks of the room as I write: Franz Ferdinand, Joy Division, and the Arctic Monkeys. There’s no “dislike” or in’s case “meh” button anywhere. But if you are really looking for online chatting while music plays, I’m not sure that Soundrop is your best choice.

First, delete everything inside the template located in web/templates/page/eex.

We’ll also delete the customized container css in web/static/css/phoenix.css: Perfect.

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