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The identification of this period will allow the characterization of the baseline conditions necessary for future wetland conservation practices.

The ‘Bacon’ model in the R environment provided an estimation of the age-depth relationship with 95% confidence intervals and no outliers.

The Sanjiang Plain, located in Northeast China, has records of human activity dating to the early Holocene epoch.

As the human population has grown, the influence of human activities on wetland ecosystems on the Sanjiang Plain has undoubtedly increased, presumably increasing the extent of wetland ecosystems that have been destroyed.

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are organic pollutants prevalent in the sediments of freshwater environments.

C provided age control for the sedimentary records.By combining previous sedimentary and archaeological studies, we attempt to date the beginning of intensive anthropogenic influences on the Sanjiang Plain.Our results showed that BC deposition fluxes increased from 0.02 to 0.7 g C/during the last 10,000 years.In addition to identifying modern combustion sources, historical sources of PAHs have already been reconstructed in sedimentary environments successfully.Therefore, these diagnostic ratios are suitable for investigating the historical types of combustion sources and can serve as indirect indicators for identifying the historical sources of combustion in wetland sediments.

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