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This was analyzed to such a degree precisely because it’s so contrary to Barney’s character.

Some will note that Barney burned the Playbook, and he has obviously changed his views on marriage and long-term relationships. But those changes took literally years to pan out, and we saw a ton of development leading up to his new perspective on such things.

And if he won’t even “get up on” a fatty, can you really imagine him dating – or marrying – one?! Barney’s abhorrence of fat women is so well-known that those two quotes are presented on some fan sites as contradictory errors in continuity.

A later episode prompted even more confusion – season 5, episode 23 “The Wedding Bride”.

But the episode had plenty of nice, distinctly "HIMYM" touches, like Marshall traveling through time to beat up 13-Year-Old Marshall (not to be confused with 15-Year-Old Marshall), Lily's voice turning into Harvey Fierstein's under the influence of too much smoking, and Don's love of his jockey shorts becoming infectious for the staff.

But no such luck, no such growth — Barney adheres just as vehemently to his adolescent ideals about women and how to trick them into being with him.

Unfortunately, Barney isn’t made out to be a villain here: How I Met Your Mother celebrates these elements of the role, rewarding him with a union with Robin that is meant to feel touching and triumphant.

We haven’t seen anything to indicate that Barney has reconsidered his stance regarding overweight women.

Patrice could well be a starting step towards that, but she has always been presented as the butt of the joke.

I think the scenes with Robin screaming at Patrice are hilarious.

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