Aim chat room sex

The closer it got to convention time, the more I got cold feet.Several times I reminded her that this meeting might be the end of us. Wasting time between appointments and tiring of the same old porn sites I frequented, I casually clicked on an adult chat link.

I finally convinced myself that it really didn't matter. It seemed like it took forever for the elevator to get there, and when the bell from the car behind me dinged, I jumped like a startled mouse. I was looking for a 21 year old, single woman, like the profile described.

Knowing that that wasn't really possible, I half-heartedly suggested that she should send me a picture.

That's when we quit talking in the chat room and shared our private e-mail addresses.

An occasional finger in her pussy and even a carrot once, but never a larger view.

Many times I wished I could "zoom out" and get a better overall perspective, but Curious never responded to those requests.

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