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If that’s so, then some might think she will make the perfect match for Prince Harry, hardly a shrinking violet himself — though the fact she rushed to the divorce court so swiftly when her marriage hit the rocks will doubtless be causing jitters at the Palace.

For the royals use an old-fashioned, and rather perjorative, term for women who walk out on a marriage. Pictures last weekend of Meghan and Harry embarking on a romantic holiday to Botswana — the African country that Harry described earlier this year as his ‘second home’ — have prompted speculation that an engagement is on the cards later this year.

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As a result, Meghan was something of a late developer in the romantic stakes.According to Sonia Ardakani, mother of Suzy, her best friend at high school, despite her stunning looks Meghan didn’t start dating until well into teens.‘[Meghan and Suzy] were very good girls and they would find other ways of having fun,’ she told me.Indeed, there were posts on Meghan’s social media sites — which she hastily closed down after her relationship with Prince Harry began — which at least hinted at the possibility, despite her protestations to the contrary.They concerned a handsome Canadian ice-hockey star called Michael Del Zotto, now 27, and suggested she might have grown close to him.

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