Adult dating 365

I have paid my money and now cant log on as it says my details are invalid.

I paid my subscription and then was unable to log in any more, claimimg my login details were invalid. I got concerned and googled to see if there are any other users with issues! I have now found out i am still on there with my full picture and profile!! Read Full Review Anyone that has given 4 or 5 stars for 365 dating either works for the company or by some fluke have genuinely found it useful.

I have tried to get my log in details but surprise surprise i dont recieve them!! The whole site is fraudulent and the emails sent are all generic in their approach.

So much so that I had two identical emails from two different profiles each at opposite ends of the country!!!

Singles365 is devoted to giving customers the best dating experience we can, and if you have any concerns I would urge you to contact our Customer Care Team to discuss it.

We have many many thousands of members who daily engage with Singles365 and find that Icebreakers help start a great many great relationships this site is a complete waste of time and money,, everything about it is a scam,, you get loads of interest(especially when your subscription is due) but you never get replies,, i contacted 30 members in one day just to see what would happen and suprise, suprise, not one single reply(even im not that unlucky)unfortunately if you go on sites like this you have to be prepared to be ripped off because there,s plenty of vermin out there that are just waiting to prey on lonely people hoping to make…

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