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I have tied to talk to my sales associate, the used car manager and the General Manager won’t even return my calls or come out and talk to me.He sent a message to me and said tell her there is nothing I can part was ordered by am the same excuse each time we did not get the pick tix Sorry I will be taking my 000.00 a year somewhere else What a way to ruin a good relationship Eric Martin,, you’re the person trying to implement this strategy if you don’t have the competent people to perform the task then do something about it …123 Reply Very disappointed in the under handed way they treat people for instance took my 2000.00 dollars as a down payment, but was not able to get loan approved.He told me that fire employees every month because they dont do there job.I know have a car that my wife cant drive with our two sons because its unsafe and they REFUSE to fix it.

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I purchased the car and had to bring it back to service department 3 times about a noise under the hood. I am stuck with a car payment (owe 11,000.00), ,000 in order to get new motor and no car.This could have been tragic, for myself, my passengers and any other drivers that I could have had an accident with. Talk about selling something under false pretenses. Reply Well Well Well, I guess Auto Nation wants to run off all their customers.I lost everything I own except for my dog and this POS car to Hurricane Harvey. I will contact the Texas State Attorneys Office regarding this issue. We have ordered parts three days in a row and every time the new central delivery system in Denver takes 2 days to get us our parts it looks like we will be looking for a new dealership to work with parts are no longer a priority for this company …Auto Nation has 22,000 employees and had .52 billion in revenue in 2013.Tagged as: autonation address, autonation corporate address, autonation corporate office headquarters, autonation headquarters, autonation home office, autonation main office, autonation office address, autonation office email, autonation office fax, autonation office phone, autonation office phone number AUTONATION FORD IN LITTLETON, CO is the WORSE dealership in the WORLD. I brought my 2012 Ford Explorer to fix a warranty power steering issue.

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